Humo Jaguar Corona                                                             Humo Jaguar Robusto                                                      Humo Jaguar Sampler Pack


So what’s Humo Jaguar? Each year, a cigar festival is held in Honduras. In 2011, each cigar-maker was asked to prepare a blend for a competition known as ’Humo Jaguar.’ Over 200 well-versed panelists tasted each blend taking every aspect of cigar making and enjoyment into consideration. Just like that, the Humo Jaguar was born. Humo Jaguar combines a bold combination of amazing tobaccos. The heart of this blend is comprised of robusto Cuban-seed long-fillers from Honduras. A Cuban-esque mixture, secured by a binder from Talanga, then cloaked by a dark and sultry Honduran Oscuro wrapper from the viso priming. The result….aside from award winning, is delicious. A full-bodied, full-flavored, and aromatic display is delivered in balanced fashion, offering deep earthy flavors, ample zest, and a long, rich finish.